Razavi Center of Cancer Researches Launched
With the Presence of Technology and Research Assistant of Health Ministry;  

Razavi Center of Cancer Researches Launched

Razavi Center of Cancer Researches began its activity with the presence of technology and research assistant of Health Ministry.
According to Astan Quds Razavi News Website, expressing his happiness over the launching of this center at the Razavi Hospital, Dr. Reza Malek Zadeh said, “Special attention of private hospitals and medical centers to the issue of medical research and also conducting practical programs by these centers are very valuable for the country and its health system”.
He added, “Special attention of researchers to the issue of cancer will definitely lead, in the upcoming years, to good results in the area of treatment and it would really good for the Iranian researchers to have an effective role in this issue”.
Dr. Malek Zadeh referred to the situation of the country after lifting of the sanctions and added, “Health tourism is an issue which must be attended very much and Mashhad and Razavi Hospital have got a very significant position in attracting health tourists, as they are attributed to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.). This hospital’s attention to the research and its cooperation with the holders of international research projects is very effective in introducing this center as the destination of health tourists”.
He said, “It would be very much better if the Razavi Center of Cancer Research conducts some research activities on pancreatic cancer and collect its samples in addition to researching and maintaining the cancerous tissues of breast and colon cancers”.
“With respect to the good situation of the Razavi Hospital and its constructive cooperation with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, this center can attract PhD student to pass their related projects. The hospital can also receive all the qualifications by observing some standards”, he added.
It is worth mentioning that having a huge bio bank of cancerous tissues of large intestine and breast, Razavi Center of Cancer researches has started its activities coincident with the fight against cancer week. This center is ready to cooperate with different domestic and foreign medical and health centers.
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