AQR protects endowments with all might: chief custodian

AQR protects endowments with all might: chief custodian

Astan Quds Razavi protects all donations and endowments dedicated by benefactors and lovers of Imam Reza (AS) with all its might, says Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, chief custodian of AQR. 

Addressing a group of audience at the Fourth Conference to Appreciate AQR’s Benefactors and Donators, Marvi said: “Appreciating benefactors and donators is a real manifestation of the 32nd verse of the Quran’s Surah Hajj and a step toward respecting divine acts”. 

Pointing to the significance of endowments for the whole Muslim society, Marvi added: “Not everyone is granted with the opportunity to donate some part of his properties for divine purposes”.

“No one will come to man’s help on the hereafter and the day of Judgment but his donations and endowments”, stated Marvi when referring to the blessings of benevolence. 

AQR’s chief custodian pointed to the exact implementation of all donator’s intentions as a main duty for the organization, saying: “Large amounts of donations and endowments dedicated to AQR indicate people’s deep interest in and respect for Imam Reza’s (AS) holy shrine”.  

Rejecting claims that AQR does not need endowments and donations for its abundant wealth, Hoj. Marvi said: “All endowments and donations offered to the AQR are used for charity to gain more blessings under the flag of Imam Reza (AS).” 

Marvi pointed to allocation of around 700 billion Rials for job creation in the flood-hit areas, programing pilgrimage tours for the disadvantaged walks of life, financial support of poor patients, distributing food packages in the deprived areas of the city, and helping families with dowry items as some examples of charity works conducted by AQR out of endowments and donations. 

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