AQR chief custodian slams US airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi

AQR chief custodian slams US airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi

The recent US airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi or Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) was in retaliation of the Iraqi people’s victory over ISIS, said Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi in a meeting with the tribal chieftains from Syria at Vilayat auditorium of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS).

Congratulating the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zainab (SA), he praised the Syrian people for resistance against American, Arab and Zionist plots stating that the US and the Zionist regime are the sworn enemies of the Islamic nation and the Prophet’s Ummah and they cannot be expected to act otherwise.

 “However, it is regrettable to see the companionship of Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE with the enemies of Islam,” he said adding: “Unfortunately, the resources and facilities of these Muslim countries were provided to the enemies of religion in order to attack the Muslims instead of helping the progress of Muslim nations.” 

Placing emphasis on learning a lesson from historical and bitter events for the future, he spoke about the role of the Western, Zionist and Arab conspiracies in the formation of ISIS and its lessons for the Muslim Ummah, saying that “we must first believe that these countries are enemies of Islam and Muslims, and it has been proven in recent cases in Syria and Iraq that America is no longer in a position of a superpower.

“The United States and the Zionist regime with all their might united with the reactionary nations of the region and spent billions of petrodollars to trigger a civil war to destroy Syria, killing thousands and leaving behind millions of innocent refugees, but they failed,” he continued.

The next lesson of ISIS sedition, according to Hoj. Marvi, was paying attention to the power of the nation and the importance of national unity which in time will lead to the victory over even the superpowers.

“The unity, solidarity and resistance of the Syrian people, government and army was really commendable in the face of ISIS plots, yet the presence and the influence of Hezbollah in Syria cannot be denied, too,” he asserted.

“Our slogan in the Islamic Republic is to support Muslims regardless of religious orientation. Imam Khomeini supported Palestinian cause from the beginning of Islamic Revolution as the linchpin of the Iran’s foreign policy,” he added.

According to him the US crime against Hashd al-Shaabi shed more light on the true face of America.

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