Karamat Razavi Foundation embarks on promoting Islamic family lifestyle

Karamat Razavi Foundation embarks on promoting Islamic family lifestyle

In order to strengthen the family roots and promote Iranian-Islamic lifestyle, Astan Quds Razavi has made long-term plans which are now taking a new turn by Karamat Razavi Foundation.

Mohammad Hossein Agha Ostad, the managing director of Karamat Razavi Foundation believes that it is imperative to produce family-friendly products within the framework of the statement on “Second Step of the Revolution” and to help implementation of anticipated projects with the aid of all departments. 

 “It is not a simple matter to be dealt with by Karamat Razavi Foundation alone and it requires cooperation by NGOs and all AQR organizations and departments,” he said at the closing ceremony of the first Razavi Festival.

Elsewhere in the ceremony, Hossein Yekta, the head of public associations for Imam Reza (AS) followers placed emphasis on institutionalization of the Razavi lifestyle among the youth, stating that the martyrs’ lifestyle is based on Razavi culture, so family activists should study their memories to guide the new generations towards the Islamic lifestyle.

“Today, the enemy has directed its hatred towards the families and practicing Islam in life, preserving divine values such as respect for parents, halal income, etc. are among the criteria for attaining Razavi lifestyle,” he noted.

The first Razavi family festival was held in collaboration with the Karamat Razavi Foundation, the Center for Iranian Family Studies and Planning, the National Family Foundation and the AQR Women and Family Affairs Center on December 12–13, at Sheikh Tabarsi auditorium of Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation.

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