Younger managers to take helm at AQR: Chief custodian

Younger managers to take helm at AQR: Chief custodian

Astan Quds Razavi has plans to hire younger managers to fill in vacancies or to have them work under experienced managers in line with strategies for improving the state of affairs at the body in charge of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine.

Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, said the above while addressing a group of students at Imam Reza International University. 

He added: “AQR’s intention is to hire younger managers and enjoy their energy and capacities. We may be forced to use experienced ones in some areas; however, we do believe that younger people display more innovation, creation and diligent (Jihadi) spirit”. 

To that end, AQR chief custodian has asked all managers and deputies to introduce at least three young candidates as their successors. “The goal is not to replace managers but to have young successors for each post”. 

 “We will enjoy experiences of all skilled managers to have AQR plans realized based on the collective wisdom”, Marvi pointed out.  

Elsewhere, welcoming student suggestions and recommendations, Hoj. Marvi said: “I welcome regular sessions with student associations since sessions of this kind can be very helpful”.   

He added: “I have done my best to have direct contacts with people and pilgrims; therefore, I have many face-to-face sessions with pilgrims every day after noontime prayers at Vilayat auditorium of the holy shrine.” 

He announced telephone number 138 and holy shrine’s suggestion boxes as other means for soliciting comments and recommendations from pilgrims and employees to the chief custodian. “I’ve made myself committed to read all letters and to listen to all phone messages”. 

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