AQR plans to establish eight new clinics

AQR plans to establish eight new clinics

Astan Quds Razavi is preparing to establish eight new health clinics for rendering better and more services to the pilgrims and underprivileged people.

According to Mahmoud Shabestari, the head of Health Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi, the first phase of the project contains four clinics in Mashhad, Torbat-e Jam, and Qaen. 

Referring to the existence of Teb al-Reza book in AQR, Shabestari stated:  “Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine pays a special attention to the health of its pilgrims and visitors”. 

Teb al-Reza is a medical book on health and remedies attributed to Imam Reza (AS). 

“AQR has received some other health-based endowments in different periods,” he said, adding “Imam Reza (AS), Montaseriyeh, and Razavi hospitals in Mashhad and some other hospitals in other Iranian cities such as Chenaran and Rafsanjan are among these endowments”.  

Launching an emergency medical center with eight simple and CPR beds in Hedayat Courtyard of the holy shrine is also on the agenda. “The center is capable of offering free medical services to all emergency patients in just a few minutes”. 

On rendering medical services to the foreign pilgrims, Shabestari said: “Thanks to the operation of Razavi Healthcare Network (RHN) system, all demands of foreign pilgrims will be met at the highest possible level.”
He stressed that physicians and nurses have welcomed rendering voluntary medical services to Imam Reza’s pilgrims and visitors”. 

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