Children’s book releases at AQR publishing company top 7.7m: official

Children’s book releases at AQR publishing company top 7.7m: official

Behnashr Publications, affiliated to Astan Quds Razavi, has published around 2,258 works for children with a circulation of over 7,704,500 copies during the past 22 years of its activity.

Announcing the above in a press briefing, Hossein Saeedi the managing director of the publishing company said: “Behnashr Publications has recently been recognized as the country’s best publisher of children’s books”. 

Pointing to the publishing company’s production of over two thousand works for children, he went on to say: “Among these newly published books, 984 titles are published for the first time, while we have received 1,274 republication orders.” 

Saeedi further noted: “Supporting authors of fine religious works, supporting production of local works, focusing on artistic quality of works, and supporting young talents are the main duties of Behnashr Publications”. 

According to him, Behnashr has released 135 special works on Imam Reza’s conduct and character for children. 

Pointing to the publication of books in foreign languages, the managing director of Behnashr said: “Behnashr has also published “Our Story became an Example” in Chinese and the eight-volume book of “Imaginary Stories from Quranic Concepts” in Turkish languages”. 

He also pledged for publishing Arabic and German language books in the near future.

Elsewhere, Saeedi said: “To enrich the content of children’s books, Behnashr is in constant contact with 121 salient Iranian writers. It is also cooperating with 248 graphic designers and illustrators to that end.”

He put an end to his remarks by saying: “Over 95 percent of Behnashr’s books are produced in joint venture with famous Iranian writers”.

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