Iran Combine Mfg. Company exports products to three countries

Iran Combine Mfg. Company exports products to three countries

Iran Combine Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of Razavi Economic Organization, has already started exporting products to three countries this year.

“In the first six months of the current year, 14 combine harvesters were exported to Iraq, Uzbekistan and Pakistan, as well as 24 baler units to Uzbekistan,” Ali Asghar Hamidifard, the CEO of Iran Combine Manufacturing Company said.

He stated that keeping track of and communicating with potential buyers in target countries is one of the factors contributing to increased exports, and in addition, the decrease in foreign exchange price of products, due to the increase in the exchange rate in the country, has played an important role in this regard.

He put the value of exports in national currency by the company during the first half of this year (starting March 20, 2019), at above 43 billion and 389 million rials.
Touching on the measures taken to improve the quality of company’s products, he cited Combine Harvester 1060 as an example, manufactured based on customer feedback. 

Elsewhere, he talked about obstacles and difficulties affecting export of the company’s products including lack of banking relations between Iran and many countries.

“It is also not possible to use international financial systems in the target export markets which is granted to the governments of the countries for development of the agricultural sector,” he stressed.

Hamidifard noted that lack of banking connections in export sector, which hinder the use of customer purchase services such as long-term LC, finance, etc., and the presence of Chinese competitors using credits offered by their government, as other challenges in the field. 

“Meanwhile, we should not forget the presence of powerful international competitors with renowned trademarks too,” he remarked.

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