Arba’een, combination of perfect human, Islamic culture: AQR official

Arba’een, combination of perfect human, Islamic culture: AQR official

Arba’een rally is a perfect human and Islamic culture containing devotion toward Imam Hussein (AS) as well as raising flags of justice, fight against tyranny, and supporting oppressed people, said Hoj. Marvian Hosseini director of Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation.

Delivering a lecture at the conference of Arba’een, Symbol of Devotion by Divine Religions and Islamic Sects toward Imam Hussein (AS), Marvian Hosseini referred to the rally of millions of people and described the event as a symbol of glory and dignity for all Muslims and a manifestation of devotion toward Imam Hussein (AS). 

He added: “Arba’een ceremony lacks any ethnic and religious discrepancies in which all lovers of the Imam (AS) get together at his holy shrine. A Shia move in nature, the rally has always had walkers from other religions and Islamic sects.” 

He also stated: “This movement is a hallmark of civilization in today's world.”

“On-foot pilgrimage of Arba’een has got the necessary capacity for creation of a human and Islamic life”, Marvian Hosseini added. 

Describing Arba’een as a valuable and civilized movement, he said: “As the movement enjoys a civilization building aspect in its nature, almost all arrogant media outlets try to censor it. The same front and their accessories also endeavor to stop the movement by wide spreading false news and rumors conveying an unsafe route for the pilgrims”. 

He reiterated: “Although world arrogance has been active in stopping the move, this is the way opened by Allah and that is nothing but a step paving the way for Imam Mahdi’s (AS) advent”. 

Marvian Hosseini concluded his words by praising Iraqi Shia Muslims’ endeavor in keeping the rally alive during Saddam’s regime.

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