Iranian Quran reciter wins first prize in Croatia’s intl. competition

Iranian Quran reciter wins first prize in Croatia’s intl. competition

Astan Quds Razavi’s distinguished Quran reciter, Hadi Esfidani, has won the first prize at Croatia’s International Quran Competition in Zagreb. 

The competition ended when Hadi Esfidani winning the first prize in the field of Tahqiq recitation, securing another honor for the Iranian Quranic community, as well as the AQR Quranic Sciences Office.

He described the achievement as a result of Imam Reza’s (AS) favor and attention, saying, “Before my trip to Croatia, I attended the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) and asked him to help me in this tournament.”

He is one of the students of great martyr, Mohsen Haji Hassani Kargar, the tomb of whom he visited before the contest, expressing hope that he would have the happiness of his soul by winning the first rank.

He further noted that representatives from 46 Islamic countries of the world were present at the competition and all of them were eagerly listening to the recitation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Quranic representatives.

“Iranian reciters are surpassing their Egyptian counterparts with much better and stronger performance at international Quran competitions in recent years,” he said.

The 26th round of Croatia’s International Quran Competition was held in the Islamic Center of the Zagreb, on September 26–28.

Mohammad Khakpour, a memorizer of the whole Quran from the holy city of Mashhad, also represented Islamic Republic of Iran during this edition of the Quranic competitions and earned the second rank in the discipline.

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