Purpose of education is to move towards God

Purpose of education is to move towards God

Pilgrimage is a worship and religious axiom and proximity to God is the most important purpose of life and true peace and harmony as what is found in meeting God.

French Cardinal Professor Michel Dubost, stating the above in a specialized scientific conference on ethical education of children according to the conducts of Imam Ali (AS) and Jesus Christ, said: “I live in France in a secular world and I spent a long life to lead the youth on the right path.”

 “Proximity to God based on cultures and attitudes can be different,” he noted. “In the Bible, much emphasis is given to parenting and having a child is the only means of sustaining the relationship between God and man. Education is about giving us the option to enter into this relationship, and this is based on the perception and inference of law with education as part of that law.”

He described the Ten Commandments as an example of the law, saying that the issue of childhood in the Bible is highly regarded and it is the child who provides the possible and the impossible. “In the Bible we use symbols for concepts, and paying attention to the child’s personality is not observed.”

The French cardinal then asserted that one does not derive moral lessons from the text of the Bible but conceptualizes the Bible and uses the various symbols of the book.

“Loving parents is very important; however, more important is loving God. The church that has a millennial history has the issue of education as its most important focal point, the definition of which in the churches is that man in the field of education being the most complete and advanced human being,” he stressed.

Cardinal Dubost elaborated on the term education as a departure from childhood and gaining knowledge, adding that “The role of a mentor is to educate and to teach with science and religion. Education is about connecting people to becoming the perfect human beings and it is always linked to the culture in which one resides.”

Professor and researcher of philosophy of religion, Hoj Abdolhossein Khosropanah, following in the conference spoke on the meaning of education in Islam which is flourishing talents, and then ethics as virtues and possessions, hence, the moral education means flourishing talents possessing virtue.

“The issue of education begins in the embryonic period and is not limited to adolescence and youth ages. The moral education of the child is more sensitive in terms of its susceptibility. The heart of the child and adolescent resembles empty earth and the teachings and knowledge can easily be put to use in this age,” he remarked.

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