Dignity, independence, and friendship massages of Ghadir for Islamic Ummah

Dignity, independence, and friendship massages of Ghadir for Islamic Ummah

Ghadir Khumm’s messages are dignity, independence, and amity for the whole Islamic Ummah, says Astan Quds Razavi’s chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi. 

Addressing a group of people in Mashhad’s Baghiatollah Cultural Complex in a Ghadir Khumm ceremony, Marvi said” “Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) did not just introduce Imam Ali (AS) in his Ghadir Khumm sermon; rather, he showed the path of vilayat to the entire humanity there.”
Two issues of Prophet Mohammad’s lack of son and successor were raised by enemies at the early years after Islam and they found no future for the post-Prophet Islam, Astan Quds Razavi’s chief custodian said. “God answered first issue in Quran’s Surah Kawthar and the latter in Ghadir Khumm event.”

Importance of Ghadir Khumm lies in the fact that the event avouched Islam and prevented it from total destruction, Marvi added while commenting on the event.  

Prophet Mohammad’s sermon disappointed enemies of Islam and the third verse of Surah Mai’dah was reiterated their disappointment till the Day of Judgment, Marvi further noted. 
According to Hoj. Marvi, Imam Ali (AS) was not introduced to the public during Ghadir Khumm as he had already been introduced by Quranic verses and stories about his braveness; The Prophet (pbuh) introduced Imam Ali’s (AS) leadership and vilayat in that event. 

Marvi described unity and kindness as two important Islamic orders which are yet to receive due attention, saying unity and sympathy are two important messages of Ghadir. 

Pointing to the Quranic verses urging Muslims to follow good relations among fellow Muslims and to have rigidity with the infidels, Astan Quds Razavi’s chief custodian added: “There are different viewpoints in the society but these contradictory views should not lead the society toward division and animosity.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he introduced Vilayat Faqih as a religious authority in continuation of Ghadir and stressed that after Ghadir, the line of vilayat will bring prosperity and dignity for the Islamic Ummah. 

Marvi listed various miseries of the Pahlavi regime against British and American governments in the years before the Islamic Revolution and slammed today’s authorities for their inability in announcing Islamic Republic’s achievements. 

Seizure of the British vessel in the presence of American naval escort in the Persian Gulf was described by him as a great job on the part of Iran and a total fiasco for a country which was always intervening in Iran’s internal affairs. 

He also referred to the downing of United States RQ-4A Global Hawk surveillance drone as an excellent job, saying “The world is surprised over Iran’s military capabilities and many Arab countries have started a race to resume ties with the Islamic Republic.”  

A simple phone conversation with Iranian president was described by the Shia cleric as a big dream for the US president, while the US government and even its ambassador to Tehran issued orders to Iran’s government in the years before victory of the Islamic Revolution.  

Concluding his remarks, Astan Quds Razavi’s chief custodian said: “Ghadir Khumm gives more power, independence and authority to the world Muslims.”

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