Vice chairman of the Malaysian publishers’ union visits AQR Quran publishing center

Vice chairman of the Malaysian publishers’ union visits AQR Quran publishing center

The vice chairman of the Malaysian publishers’ union has visited the AQR Quran center. 

On the sidelines of the visit which was paid to get more familiar with the AQR activities, facilities, products and services, Moslan Sa’ad, pointed to the equipment of the printing center and admired the modern technologies brought together to form a great production line for offset printing, and in particular the printing of exquisite Qurans.

Touching on the packaging productions, he noted the advanced software and hardware used and new activities in the field of printing and packaging during his visit to the production line of the center.

“Iranians possess a very good level of software and technical knowledge. Typically, print houses use the same equipment; however, the proper technical knowledge makes the output of the center different from other places,” he said.

He further expressed hope for the development of cooperation and interactions between the center with Malaysia to benefit from the good technical facilities and knowledge of Iranian engineers, especially those at the AQR establishment. 

“AQR printing house is one of the largest and most modern Iranian houses, and the quality of the printed products is in alignment with global standards. This visit is a starting point for more cooperation and interactions with the center,” he continued.

Sa’ad concluded that the production of exquisite works and the republishing of the current works in AQR museums are among the good activities of the center, unique in its kind.

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