Razavi University hosts the scientific meeting “Hajj, Islamic World and the deal of the Century”

Razavi University hosts the scientific meeting “Hajj, Islamic World and the deal of the Century”

Due to the proximity to the Hajj season and the holding of the Arab summit with the United States, the Zionist regime and some European countries under the so-called Deal of the Century, Razavi University of Islamic sciences has held a conference.
Representatives of some of the Jihadi groups from Palestine and academic and scientific figures of the country were present to address the subject of Hajj, and the political issues of the so-called deal.
The University intends to continue holding the meetings with the participation of scholars of the Islamic world and scientific figures to reveal the hidden angles of the conspiracies of European, American and Zionist countries.
In the course of the meeting, the head of the University, Hoj. Hassan Vahdati Shobeiri stressed that enemies of Islam, with the deal, are looking for dissension among Muslims, but fortunately Muslims have been awakened and have started a continuous and steadfast movement.
“Introducing the Hajj as an appropriate atmosphere for the introduction of the Islamic Revolution and conveying its message to most parts of the world and the Muslimsworld are amidst the university’s activities.The Islamic world needs to be united, cooperative and synergetic,” he said.
The attendees spoke in both English and Arabic regarding Shia and Sunni characters and they all agreed it is about time for Muslims to come together and interact in political, economic, cultural and social issues.
He called on Muslims to realize the Islamic common market or a common commercial arbitration center for the Muslim world saying, “Why should Muslims go to alien courts in their quarrels?”
Shobeiri added that that their goal is to deviate the Islamic world from the realities of the Islamic community, so that the Muslims pick on each other in order to conquer al-Quds Jerusalem. 
“Hajj is a good opportunity for the unity of Muslims and we should understand the message of  God and reach the position of his servitude. The essence of Hajj is nothing but surrender to God’s command,” he concluded.

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