Implementation of the Leader’s policies is our point of destination: AQR custodian

Implementation of the Leader’s policies is our point of destination: AQR custodian

During a meeting with cultural youth activists, held in the Vilayat auditorium of holy shrine, Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, the AQR General Custodian, stressed the importance of the impact of cultural activities.

“Reporting on actions taken in various areas is very important and worthwhile; however, what matters more is the true outcome of these actions,” he said.

He stated that he does not act as a critic or the enthusiast of the current and past management of the establishment and the present strategy is to continue the successful ways followed currently or in the past.

Touching on the decision-making process in the establishment, he called it an excitement-rush-free path observed by the Lord and Imam Reza (AS) and referred to the opinion of all experts and collective wisdom as a guiding light.

“Although in AQR, the advancement of affairs is being done with respect to reflection and consideration of different aspects, yet we will not waste the time at all,” he noted.

He then went on the discipline as an important priority and announced a unradical review over the AQR structures in order to overcome the weaknesses and solidify the strengths.

The family and lifestyle as the concerns of the Revolution’s Leader, and thus, the serious role of AQR was another point clarified by the General Custodian.

He pointed to people as the true assets of the country and the Islamic Revolution and announced his support for popular institutions as the forces who realized the Islamic Revolution, gloriously ran the period of the sacred defense and the Revolution’s defenders in political crisis and seditions.

“The youth is the second trendsetters of the Revolution, and their recruitment has always been the focus of the Revolution’s Leader. Hence, while using the experience of the pioneers, we will certainly use the young forces in AQR,” he said.

He added that all measures taken in AQR must have an appropriate cultural attachment according to the demands of the Leader, therefore, a cultural attachment in the agricultural sector, means healthy food for people and in the industry means producing quality products to meet the needs.

“The AQR economic organization should consider itself the addressee of the Revolution’s Leader in the area of production prosperity,” he remarked.

Hoj. Ahmad Marvi noted that the AQR facilities are limited so one must prioritize and pointed out that the establishment belongs to the people and the servants do not have any merit other than the servitude of Imam Reza’s (AS) pilgrims, and that they welcome all the opinions and suggestions.

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