Razavi Hospital receives around 4,000 foreign health tourists monthly

Razavi Hospital receives around 4,000 foreign health tourists monthly

Thanks to the diversity of medical services at Razavi Hospital, foreign health tourists refer to the center for specialized treatment. 

The majority of referrals are made to gynecology, cancer, cardiac surgery, and ophthalmology wards, said Dr. Saeed Saeedi, the official in charge of the International Patient Department (IPD) at Razavi Hospital. 

He further put the number of foreign referrals to this hospital at 3,700 patients per year, saying: “Some of these patients, mostly coming from Iraq, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan, receive outpatient services while some others are hospitalized.” 

Saeedi further noted that “The vailability of a consulting physician familiar with Arabic and English languages for regulating medical programs of the referrals and directing them through the process of treatment is among the major privileges of this medical center.”

“Among the other special services of this center, the Fast Track system renders services to guest patients out of the waiting list and a full-time interpreter is available for accurate and efficient communication between the patient and physician and staff of the hospital.” 

Saeedi added that that the hospital has recently established a CCU IPD unit for hospitalization of the non-Iranian patients, where they offer hoteling and welfare services to those accompanying the patients.”

Offering quality medical services, organizing scientific congresses, and inking contracts with health tourist agencies are among priorities of Razavi Hospital. 

“This hospital is affiliated with Astan Quds Razavi and its PET/CT Scan unit is second only to Tehran in the country in terms of nuclear medicine, whose services are quite known in neighboring countries.”

Astan Quds Razavi is the body in charge of the Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine.

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