Book Sheds Light on Imam Reza’s Character

Book Sheds Light on Imam Reza’s Character

The eighth Imam of Shia Muslims, Imam Reza, is highly revered in Islam for his wisdom and virtuous lifestyle. Numerous books have been written on his life and character. Now, Virtues of Visiting Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine is the title of a new book that was unveiled at Imam Reza’s shrine in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad.
The English book recounts credible narratives about visiting Imam Reza’s (pbuh) holy shrine with reference to researches conducted by scholars in the field of Hadith compilation. Hadiths are the sayings or traditions of Prophet Mohammad and his household narrated by their companions. The book Virtues of Visiting Imam Reza’s (pbuh) Holy Shrine was published in 3000 copies and is now available in the market. 
The author of the book, Mahdi Khodamian Araei, begins the book with ten credible Hadiths and then talks about the characteristics of the narrators of each tradition. At the end, he scrutinizes the sources of the accounts to prove the credibility of the narrations.
Khodamian wrote the book in Persian with a focus on the history and lifestyle of the household of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). The work was translated into English by Ahmad Rezvani. 
Urdu, Arabic and Azeri versions of the book were also unveiled for the first time on Imam Reza’s birth anniversary. 
As the main communicator with non-Iranian pilgrims and organizer of cultural activities for foreign visitors to Imam Reza’s holy shrine, Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Communications Office tailored its products in 2018 to three themes of the Quran, household of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Iran’s Islamic Revolution. The cultural products included 30 books with a circulation of 150,000 copies in six languages of Azeri, English, Arabic, Urdu, Sindhi and French. 

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