Half a million Plus Razavi Saplings Hit the Market

Half a million Plus Razavi Saplings Hit the Market

Managing director of Astan Quds Razavi Gardens Institute announced the distribution of 600,000 market-friendly saplings with Razavi brand.
In a conversation with Astan News correspondent, Mahmoud Sadeqi said the saplings include seedy and stone fruits, which grow based on seed and vegetative reproduction methods and are commercial and marketable.
“In non-seasonal sales, the saplings of this institute are supplied in plant pots,” he said.
Pointing to the range of sales and supply of Razavi seedlings, the AQR official said the sale is nationwide. “In some cases, they were exported to other countries, including Central Asia,” explained Sadeqi.
He added that in 2017, Astan Quds Razavi Gardens Institute supplied some 500,000 fruit-bearing and fruitless seedlings.
“These saplings have health certificates and ID numbers approved by the Agriculture Organization of Khorasan Razavi Province. All of them have the relevant labels,” said the official.
“All of the seedlings are traded with the brand name ‘Razavi’. The major feature that distinguishes these seedlings from others is that all of them are registered with an ID; all have a production license and are supervised by the Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute. The saplings also have health certificate from the Agriculture Organization of Khorasan Razavi,” elaborated the Managing Director of the AQR Gardens Institute.
The institute offers customers with technical advice and instructions regarding the cultivation of the seedlings. The user guide is available in the form of a brochure provided by the technical director of the seedling garden.

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