Religious Education; Controversial Theme in Abrahamic Religions: Expert

Religious Education; Controversial Theme in Abrahamic Religions: Expert

The 1st International Conference of Religious Education in Abrahamic Religions will be held in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad. Organizers say religious education is an important issue which needs to be put into discussions in such conferences.
According to Astan News correspondent, during a presser held at Astan Quds Razavi’s Scientific Department, Executive Secretary of the conference, Ali Sarvari Majd, said the event will be held in February, with two sessions arranged ahead of the main event. The press conference was held with the presence of media activists.
Imam Reza International University is the main organizer of the conference. Other universities, seminary schools and think-tanks will also collaborate in holding the conference. 
“Interaction and exchange of views between Muslim intellectuals and experts from other religions on challenges facing religious education are among the major goals of this conference,” said the executive secretary of the international event, touching on the themes of the conference. Sarvari said scientific exchange between Abrahamic religions will finally pave the way for science generation in these religions and this is one of the objectives of the conference. 
“Imam Reza’s debates with scholars from other religions gave rise to new scientific fields in Khorasan and the Islamic world,” he added.
One of the major purposes of this scientific gathering, as explained by organizers, is to introduce to the world a “scientific movement” on religious education. “This movement was formed by Imam Reza in the late second and early third centuries,” said Sarvari.
The philosophy of religious education, related theories and examples, its applications in general education and state entities as well as in the teachings of Imam Reza are cited by organizers as the main topics of the conference. “Our goal is to further acquaint the world with Imam Reza’s approach on religious education,” elaborated Sarvari. 
The executive secretary of the conference said the call for the conference was issued on the internet. The event is scheduled for early March. 

The first session on the conference was held in Beirut, with Iranian and Lebanese professors in attendance. 
Getting acquainted with religious schools active in the area of religious education in Lebanon as well as the exchange of experiences between Lebanese and Iranian higher education institutes was highlighted by the organizers to be among the accomplishments made in this trip.
The second session is slated for January 9th and 10th  in Mashhad. Four Christian figures from France will be among the participants. 

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