Three Software Unveiled in Holy Shrines Custodians Meeting

Three Software Unveiled in Holy Shrines Custodians Meeting

Three software products were unveiled concurrent with the first meeting held among Iran’s custodians of the Holy Shrines.
According to Astan News reporter, three software of “Sāmān”, “Shared Portal of World Holy Shrines”, and “Video Conference Contact” platform were unveiled on the sideline of the first meeting among Iran’s custodianships of Holy Shrines held today’s morning at Razavi Holy Shrine. 
One of the problems in interactions among Holy Shrines was the issue of clerical correspondence and exchange of information via social networks because of their lack of enough safety. For this reason, “Sāmān” software was uploaded on Astan Quds Razavi’s servers. In addition to circulate clerical correspondence, the program provides the user with the possibility of supervising Holy Shrines’ common projects. This program is at service in three languages of Farsi, Arabic, and English.   
“Shared Portal of World Holy Shrines” is the second software unveiled in this meeting. Some services such as live images of the Holy Shrines, donation and endowment, introducing Holy Shrines, introducing products and charters, vicarious pilgrimage, news and announcements of the shrines, and system of the blessed food for the pilgrims are rendered to the users online in three languages.  
“Video Conference Contact” was the third software unveiled in this first meeting held among Iran’s custodians of Holy Shrines. This program has been localized on Astan Quds Razavi’s servers and makes it possible to have live contact with Holy Shrines of Kazemein. 
Speaking in this video conference contact, Dr. Jamal Abd al-Rasoul Dabbaq, custodian of Kazemein Holy Shrine, said, "It was my desire to be among this group. There is no doubt that this meeting is of high importance and it will have very good results".
It is worth mentioning that Kazemein Holy Shrine is now holding periodic chair of the Islamic world’s forums of Holy Shrines and because of that, the video conference contact was done. 

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