Devotees of Merciful Imam (A.S.) Walked toward Razavi Holy Shrine Carrying Flowers
On Night of Birthday Anniversary of Eighth Imam (A.S.),  

Devotees of Merciful Imam (A.S.) Walked toward Razavi Holy Shrine Carrying Flowers

Concurrent with the night of birthday of the eighth Imam (A.S.), the ritual of flower raining the Razavi Holy Shrine, titled "Step to Step toward Holy Shrine" was held with presence of pilgrims of the Razavi Holy Shrine. 
 According to Astan News, the public celebration was held on the night of birthday of the eighth Imam (A.S.) with the passionate presence of the devotees of Imam Reza (A.S.) pacing the Shuhada Square to the grand Razavi courtyard of the Razavi Holy Shrine.
A group of pilgrims with hands full of flowers and flags emblazoned with Imam Reza's (A.S.) nicknames such as Shams al-Shumus (A.S.), or Ali b. Musa al-Reza (A.S.), or Imam Rauf (A.S.) or Thamen al-Hujaj (A.S.), paced the distance between the Shuhada Square and the Razavi Holy Shrine.
They accompanied the panegyrists by calling "O Ali b. Musa al - Reza (A.S.)" and chorus poems.
Also, a group of servants of the Razavi Holy Shrine carrying flowers joined the people and accompanied people to the Razavi Shrine. The green flag of Astan Quds Razavi was waved by the servants of Holy Shrine and “Avaye Razavan” chanting band was performed in three languages as another program of this spiritual event.
The "Step to Step toward Holy Shrine" program attended by the families of martyrs including father of martyrs Koruchi and mother of martyr Ismaili, and some officials and artistic as well as sport figures, faithful people of Mashhad and pilgrims was held at 17:30 started from Shuhada Square and ending at the Razavi grand courtyard.

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