The International Congress “Caspian” Was Held at Razavi Hospital
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The International Congress “Caspian” Was Held at Razavi Hospital

Executive Secretary of the 2nd International Conference of Caspian, announced holding two International Congresses of CASPIAN and IRAN CTO at the Razavi Hospital in Mashhad.
According to Astan News, Behzad Alizadeh said, “Given the feedback received last year from the two congresses of CASPIAN and IRAN CTO, the authorities at Razavi Hospital and the executive council of these congresses decided to hold this year’s two international congresses within a four-day period in a row to better take advantage of the current specialists’ cooperation.”
Congenital cardiology disease and pediatric cardiology’s specialist saying that the way these congresses will be held would be exclusive stated, “The Congress, in addition to presenting scientific lectures, would focus more on live performances and simultaneous broadcasting of intervention in the form of Live Case Presentation from various centers.”
“This year, we will also have partnerships with other hospitals in the country, including Kowsar Hospital in Shiraz and Shahid Rajai Hospital in Tehran. In Mashhad, we will also have a collaborative partnership with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and Imam Reza’s (A.S.) Hospital,” he expressed.
“Hence, some surgeries in these hospitals will be conducted and live surgical images will be transferred to the main congress hall at Razavi Hospital, so that Congress participants can communicate with practitioners who are in action,” the executive secretary of the two congresses continued.
Alizadeh pointed to the establishment of broad relations between Razavi Hospital and other major centers and associations in the world to hold these congresses and said, “Although there are examples of such cooperation in the country, they do not have this comprehensiveness.”

Positive Feedback and Precious Results
“Closed and non-surgical interventions into the skin through angiography are performed for many years in the world; however, in our country are new and, of course, very advanced,” noted the executive secretary of the International Caspian Conference.
“It boasts many benefits for patients, the patient’s recovery period will be reduced, and the day after angiography they are able to continue with live and work,” the Professor of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences stated.
Alizadeh argued that our physicians were struggling to achieve these skills and said, “The establishment of these congresses would motivate and empower the country’s experts to advance in this area. They will also familiarize them with the tools, equipment and techniques and raise their level of knowledge.”
“The treatment of selected patients by the team of domestic and foreign experts present at the congress features also the short-term achievement of the holding international congresses,” he added, stating the aforementioned cases as the long-term results of such congresses.
“Last year, we received great feedback from the Iranian participants although of the congress, indicating the elevation of their scientific level through the congresses,” he articulated, highlighting the importance of training during congresses.
“The incessant holding of these congresses in recent years has led us to be recognized internationally and showcase that Iranian experts have a say in this area,” he remarked.
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