Israel Uses Media to Justify its Crimes
Former US Foreign Services Diplomat,  

Israel Uses Media to Justify its Crimes

The former US Foreign Services diplomat noted that Israel has been well versed in using media tool to justify its crimes and achieve its goals.
According to News Staff of the New Horizon International Conference, former US Foreign Services diplomat, Peter Van Buren, said, "I always wanted to know more about Iran. It is hard to be outside of Iran and want to learn something about this country; before I saw Iran, I had no idea of this country."
Noting that western media have helped much to Israel's crimes, he said, "Every country is trying to use the media for its own purposes in order to express its views and show it powerful."
Saying that all countries use media tools to show themselves powerful, Van Buren said, "Israel has been also able to use this tool to achieve its goals and justify its crimes by media."
"The images that are sometimes broadcasted on television are really inhumane, and I never want Palestinian children to be oppressed; these violent images really make me feel sad", he said.
The former US Foreign Services diplomat noted that if the United States had a better understanding of the situation, it would definitely find no advantage in supporting Israel.
Peter Van Buren, the former US Foreign Services employee in Asia, with 24 years of diplomatic career, was deposed after writing a book against Zionists. He was also an analyst at Russia Today.

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