Managers of Alawids Belief Unity Foundation of Turkey Visited Razavi Holy Shrine

Managers of Alawids Belief Unity Foundation of Turkey Visited Razavi Holy Shrine

A group of managers and members of founding group of lovers of the household of the Apostle of God (S.A.W.) and Alawids belief unity foundation from Turkey traveled to Iran and visited Holy Shrine of Ali Ibn Mousa al-Reza (A.S.).
According to Astan News, going on a pilgrimage at illuminated Razavi Holy Shrine, this 20-person group visited Astan Quds Razavi’s treasury of exquisites. They closely acquainted with different sections of this treasury including Supreme Leader’s gifts, Mr. Farshchiyan’s hall, Qur’an and exquisites, etc.  
On the sideline of this visitation, head of Ankara Alawids believers stated, “God has given us the blessed opportunity of visiting Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) today and we are thankful of him for it”.
Farough Ali Yildirim reiterated, “We are all touched by the spiritual atmosphere of this holy place. Very spiritual and calm sense comes to the visitor in this place which is not describable at all”. 
Referring to the existing exquisites in Qura’an museum of Astan Quds Razavi, he said, “This collection is very beautiful and its objects are kept very well. I appreciate all those who protect this museum so that people can visit the unique center”.
Head of Ankara’s Alawids believers stated, “Mr. Farshchiyan’ hall and his very beautiful paintings is very valuable and influential and they catch every viewers’ attention”.
Farough Ali Yildirim went on to say, “As merchants, we are planning to invest in Iran and we also thank those who provided us with the opportunity to visit this place”.
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