New Product Line of Razavi Food Products Company Launched

New Product Line of Razavi Food Products Company Launched

Managing director of Razavi Food Products Company announced the launch of its new product line.
 Hamid Reza Asili, in an interview with Astan News, said that the new line is associated with production of 70 gram tomato paste cans, which aims to supply small packaged tomato paste products for export.
"This product has been designed with Razavi brand in a new packaging of 100-can cartons", he continued.
Considering marketing as a necessary process for selling before production of new products Asili added, "At present, one thousand cartons have been ordered by Pakistan."
"The Australian and Qatari markets are also under investigation," he said.
Referring to the need to complete the company's portfolio of products based on market demand and sales orders, he said, "To do this, if necessary, we will try to do this through outsourcing."
"As an example, we are studying the supply of meat and protein products with Razavi brand, in collaboration with Astan Quds Razavi Food Holding", he added.
"Also, with the aim of completing the company's portfolio of products, with the support of this holding, we are planning and reviewing the production and supply of various types of food products, such as ready-made and semi-ready foods", he remarked.
"There are currently more than 40 types of products in the basket of products of the company", managing director of Razavi Food Products Company said about the number of products manufactured by the company.
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