Poets’ Poem Reading on Occasion of Imamate Eid in Willayat International Poetry Night

Poets’ Poem Reading on Occasion of Imamate Eid in Willayat International Poetry Night

Concurrent with Willayaty week, religious poets from seven different countries get together under the pretext of Ghadir Eid and read their poems on the encomium of Hazrat Ali (A.S.).
According to Astan News, concurrent with the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali al-Naqi (A.S.), 10th Shia Imam, an international poetry night was held with poem readings of religious poets from Oman, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, India, Iraq, and Indonesia. This ceremony was held at conference hall of the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences thanks to the great endeavors of management of non-Iranian pilgrims of Astan Quds Razavi.
At the beginning of this ceremony, Mohammad Ibn Saleh al-Ajami, a prominent poet from Oman, read some poems on the qualities and virtues of Imam Ali (A.S.) and then Pakistan’s lady of poem and literature, Rada Fatima, read a poem in Urdu about Imam Ali’s (A.S.) characteristics.
In continuation of this ceremony, Seyyed Erfan, a poet from Azerbaijan, read his poems on Imam Ali (A.S.) which was warmly welcomed by the audience.
A panegyrist of household of the Apostle of God (S.A.W.) from Azerbaijan, Mohammad Oskuyi, was another poet who read his poetic verses with a very pleasing sound. Doing this, he added special warmth to the ceremony. 
Poem readings of Qaneteh Amineh a young religious poet from Indonesia, Seyyed Shams al-Din from Pakistan, Sheikh Ammar Ebadof from Azerbaijan and Dr. Azari’s poem reading in Azeri in English were other parts of this ceremony.
It is worth mentioning that in the second international poetry night, thirteen young and experienced poets read their poems in six languages of Persian, Arabic, English, Urdu, Turkish, and Azeri. At the end of this ceremony, management of non-Iranian pilgrims awarded best poems, based on the decision of arbitrators group. 
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