Razavi Specialized Hospital

Razavi Specialized Hospital

Capacity of Razavi Hospital is 320 beds and it has been built in a land with a vastness of around four million square meters. Buildings of the Razavi Hospital are about 56 thousand square meters big and they have been built in five floors.
Connectivity with Astan Quds Razavi, enjoying advanced medical equipment in accordance with today’s technology, having competent and skillful personnel and necessary medical facilities, and observing all religious and medical standards are some features of this hospital.
Different Sections of the Hospital
CSR unit (central sterilization), MRI, nuclear medicine, endoscopy, emergency unit, specialized clinics (checkup), holter monitoring, dentistry, otolaryngology, pain, maternity and non-pain delivery, internal ward, laboratory, radiology (simple, digital, mammography, panorex and bone density), fixed and mobile ultrasound, CT scan and CT angiography, pharmacy, heart rehab ward, central operating rooms, cardiac cateterism, ICU rooms, (ICU of open heart surgery and ICU of other  surgeries), surgery ward, women ward, maternity block, NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), a heart department including: heart wards of 1 and 2, CCU and heart surgery, echocardiography and exercise testing and pace-maker. Also, this center enjoys hospitalization rooms in four different shapes equipped with nurse recall and care monitoring, library, sterile unit for infectious wastes, facilities for staff, hospital information system (HIS), building management system (BMS), and advanced communications system.
Building of the hospital has been designed according to the best type of architectural structures and highest standards. Taking the advantage of technical ideas of salient foreign and Iranian advisors, necessary anticipation for fixing the facilities and equipment has been done, so it has enough safety in case of facing with natural disasters.

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