Sarakhs Cultivation and Industry Company

Sarakhs Cultivation and Industry Company

Sarakhs Cultivation and Industry Company was established in 1996 under the register number of 1302. Sarakhs Cultivation and Industry Company was founded essentially with the purpose of agricultural, gardening, and animal husbandry activities as well as development plans that are designed according to scientific principles.
The main activity of Sarakhs Cultivation and Industry Company is performing agricultural and gardening activities including planting crops, creating gardens, producing flowers, arboriculture, purchase and leasing agricultural lands, forests, and the related facilities, and finally rendering warehouse, discharging, loading, and goods transportation services.
The company is currently operating covering about 1360 hectares of land and containing 29 agricultural wells.
Sarakhs Cultivation and Industry Company consists of agriculture and orchards units:
1.Agriculture unit:
 Agriculture unit is operating with nine wells, covering a cultivation land of about 600 hectares with wheat, corn, colza, triticale and alfalfa as its main crops.
2.Pistachio orchards unit:
This company is currently one of the largest suppliers of pistachio in Sarakhs with 200 hectares of land under cultivation.
The pistachio of this company is mainly from nut and almond-shape kind that has a considerable nutrition value compared with other proteins, dried nuts, and seeds.
At present, the company has three pistachio orchards called ‘airport’, ‘nux vomica’, and ‘forest’ that have been established due to existence of the favorable weather and soil for planting this crop.
The company was succeeded to yield 430 tons of alfalfa, 54 tons of colza, 698 tons of wheat, 1335 tons of forage corn, and 103 tons of pistachio in 2012. It also has been recognized as the top supplier of colza and pistachio while also produces the highest amount of alfalfa in Sarakhs.   

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