Mashhad holds potentials to become scientific authority of Islamic world

Mashhad holds potentials to become scientific authority of Islamic world

Owing to Khorasan Seminary School and 30 universities and institutes of higher education, the shrine city of Mashhad has the potential to become the scientific authority of the Islamic world, said Dr. Morteza Rojuee, the chancellor of Imam Reza (AS) University.

Speaking at the 21st Mashhad Book Fair, he added: "The development of scientific strategies in the international field will not be achieved without considering the capacities, opportunities, resources and capabilities that exist in Mashhad.”

He noted that the potentials the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) has created are unique and “we have witnessed great enthusiasm of religious scholars from the past to be present in Mashhad, which does not exist in other major cities of Iran.”

Referring to the number of foreign students in Mashhad, Rojuee noted: “About 8,000 foreign students study in Mashhad, 800 of who attend classes in Imam Reza (AS) University”.

He emphasized that the development of international activities is not just about attracting students. “Imam Reza (AS) University does not have a competitive and profitable approach in attracting foreign students, but is seeking to strengthen its focus on international interaction in order to help support the resistance front by strengthening students' scientific foundations”.

Imam Reza University (AS) has planned to hold six scientific meetings at the 21st International Book Fair in Mashhad.

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