AQR custodian, Iran president  vow full cooperation

AQR custodian, Iran president vow full cooperation

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and AQR General Custodian, Hoj. Ahmad Marvi emphasize on the importance of cooperation between government departments. 

During his visit to Imam Reza holy shrine, the two met in Velayat auditorium, where they voiced support for the decree issued by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for full cooperation with various government departments and the use of AQR facilities in line with  Islamic Republic policies.
Hoj. Marvi pointed to the resources used in the flood this year, in which AQR in cooperation with various governmental and non-governmental sectors created employment for the flood-stricken.
“AQR does not consider itself apart from the government and the Islamic Republic system and works transparently and in harmony with their policies,” he said.
He then shifted the spotlight over the several trillion rials of government’s debt to AQR emphasizing that past measures taken in this area have not been fruitful, and expressed hope to settle them using the legal capacity of the 2019 budget.

He further added that to any extent the debts are paid by the government, resources will be spent on government policies and helping to resolve the country’s problems.

The custodian further called for turning Sarakhs city into a free zone with the aid of the government for the benefit of the region. 

 “We are prepared to abandon our own rights to help the people,” he said. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hoj. Marvi urged speeding up the extensive plan  by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development for buildings around the shrine and the old city of Mashhad. 

“The buildings around the shrine are not in harmony with the luminous establishment, and special policies should be applied for this purpose,” he noted. 

The president, for his part, stressed the common goal of the government and AQR to serve the people, adding that the government will provide any assistance and will be beside the AQR.

He further said that the government is ready to provide assistance on the comprehensive plan for old buildings around the shrine, vowing to provide necessary coordination.

Dr. Rouhani concluded that the government had been paying special attention to the holy city of Mashhad during the past years. 

“The government will aid the AQR as far as possible to provide more favorable services for the neighbors and pilgrims of Imam Reza (AS),” he promised. 

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