The Silence of Human Rights Organizations about the Killing of Myanmar People Is Felony
Representative of Clergy Society of Bahrain,  

The Silence of Human Rights Organizations about the Killing of Myanmar People Is Felony

Representative of clergy society of Bahrain introduced silence of human rights organizations on massacre of Myanmar Muslims as a felony.
According to Astan News, in a ceremony held by non-Iranian pilgrims’ management of Astan Quds Razavi, Sheikh Abdollah al-Daqaq, prominent Bahraini cleric said, “Today, colonialist countries have the plot of destroying all Islamic countries and Muslim people and they have no goal but dividing Islamic world and creating civil and tribal conflicts. This ceremony was held on the occasion of massacre of Myanmar Muslims.
He stated, “Their goal in the Middle East is to destroy resistance movement and to remove Hezbollah power from south of Lebanon so that Israelis can attain military, political and economic superiority in the region”.
Dividing Iran into six tribal regions was introduced by this prominent Bahraini cleric as another goal of the enemies. He also said, “The Zionist regime has always been afraid of Shiite crescent formation in the region and also disturbing its security and this reality is clearly seen in their words. Thanks to the special favors of God and Ayatollah Khamenei’s wisdom, however, their plots have all been overthrown. Also, according to leader of the Lebanese resistance, Seyyed Hasan Nasrollah, time of their continuous failures and our consecutive victories has arrived”. 
Continuing his remarks, he described killing of Myanmar people as genocide of Muslims and added, “Over 13000 people have ever been killed by Myanmar army and more than 300000 have been displaced up to now. All international organizations have fallen into absolute silence, however”.
“What is happening in Myanmar is one of the worst crimes in the history of mankind which represent innocence of Islam and Muslims. More unity and solidarity is now needed among Muslims to stop killing and to create peace and stability in this deprived region”.
It is worth mentioning that this ceremony was held after evening prayers and with the presence of Arabic language pilgrims from ten nationalities in Ghadir Courtyard and Kousar Portico.    
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