Anti-Iran allegations aimed at overshadowing inefficiency of Saudi arms: AQR chief custodian

Anti-Iran allegations aimed at overshadowing inefficiency of Saudi arms: AQR chief custodian

The main reason behind allegations made by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Iran is to lower criticism over the poor performance of US-made expensive air defense system sold to the kingdom, say Hoj. Ahmad Marvi chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi. 

Addressing a group of servicemen in a ceremony commemorating Abadan seizure anniversary in Mashhad, Hoj. Marvi said: “Abadan seizure was polished off with the best possible form in the most difficult situation.”

He added: “The achievement was obtained following Imam Khomeini’s (RA) order on the necessity of finishing the town’s seizure. The attack destroyed Saddam’s solemnity and that of world arrogance who was supporting Iraqi government”. 

Elaborating on the roots of Iran’s victories in war with Iraqi regime, he stressed: “Enjoying direct support of the US, the Soviet, and the reactionary Arabs, Saddam’s calculations for attacking Iran and seizing its cities was materialistically right as Islamic Revolution had just come into victory and Iranian executive bodies including the army had not become fully organized at that time; what the Ba'athist regime in Baghdad had not considered well was Iranian people’s deep faith”. 

AQR’s chief custodian went on to say: “When Islamic Revolution and Iranian integrity was in danger, Iranian people set all personal and material interests aside and began to defend their land”.

Noting that Imam Khomeini (RA) showed the society strong belief in God, Marvi said: “We have seen God’s powerful hand and fulfillment of His promises in many different occasions during the years following the victory of Islamic Revolution”. 

Introducing Iran as the most powerful country in the region, the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi said: “It is the faith of the ordinary people, the IRGC personnel, army servicemen, and the youth which has changed our country into a major power in the Middle East; American and British embassies in Tehran once made decisions for Iranians but Iran is now an influential country both in the region and in the world”.

Hoj. Marvi pointed to recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco installations, saying: “Drone and missile attacks by Yemeni forces on the biggest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia decreased Arab country’s oil production by 50 percent and showed poor military capability of Riyadh and its western allies”. 

“To say that they have been attacked by a powerful country not a weak one, they charge Islamic Republic for the incident so that they can decline the ignominy happened for the US-made air defense system”, he added. 

According to Hoj. Marvi, Saudi Arabia’s public opinion now asks their rulers about the 60 billion dollars spent on the American and British warfare. “It was a big scandal for the US and UK, so they have no choice but to accuse Iran”.

Concluding his remarks, AQR’s chief custodian said: “Heads of three powerful countries asked Iranian president for a few-minute meeting with president Trump in New York, but it was not accepted by the Iranian side; this happens when many world countries ask for a short meeting with the US president. This level of authority and glory has been achieved thanks to the Iranian people’s loyalty to Vilayat (Islamic leadership)”. 

The ceremony was held in the presence of martyrs’ families, veterans of Iraq-Iran war, a group of Khorasan Razavi officials, and Islamic Republic of Iran’s army commanders in Samen al-Aemeh military base in Mashhad. 

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