Faculty Members of Iraqs Universities Visited Razavi Shrine

Faculty Members of Iraqs Universities Visited Razavi Shrine

A group of professors and faculty members of Najaf and Kufa universities visited Razavi illuminated Shrine and enjoyed its cultural programs. 
According to Astan News, Ahmad Naji, faculty member of Kufa's literature university, thanked Razavi complex for hosting and stated, "It is hoped that this visitation pave the way for more cooperation between Iranian and Iraqi universities". He also expressed his hope for taking more effective steps in this area".
He stated, "Astan Quds Razavi has got valid universities and this capability can provide the necessary path for joint cooperation in science and technology and Iraq welcomes all these interactions". 
Referring to the advances of Astan Quds Razavi, Amjad Lafteh, a physician from Najaf, said, "A lot of expansions have been conducted in Razavi shrine and we hope that these expansions be planned in such a way that everyone can use it".
"Imam Reza (A.S.) has always emphasized on the importance of teaching religious topics to the youth. Therefore, it is our duty to provide others with our knowledge, following Imam's (A.S.) conducts", he added. 
Ahood Hossein Jabr, professor of Arabic literature, said, "There is no doubt that Imam Reza (A.S.) is the root of ample blessings and spreading his educational beliefs creates an appropriate opportunity for thinking and giving pure religious teachings to others". 
It is worth mentioning that this 25-person group from Kufa and Najaf universities attended Dar al-Rahmah Portico and enjoyed some programs provisioned by management of non-Iranian pilgrims". 
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