Religious, cultural events in Karamat celebrations for non-Iranian pilgrims

Religious, cultural events in Karamat celebrations for non-Iranian pilgrims

The director of AQR Non-Iranian Pilgrims Affairs has announced  plans to hold 60 special religious events in the Karamat ten-day celebrations for non-Iranian pilgrims of the holy shrine.

The programs will coincide with the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Masoumeh (SA) and the girls’ day according to Javad Hasheminejad.

 “In the Karamat Celebrations this year — with the motto “Generous serving, kindness in the manner of the Infallible Imams,” special religious and cultural programs are offered to non-Iranian pilgrims in Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Azeri languages ​​in the holy shrine,” he said.

Holding lectures, specialized meetings, knowledge circles, interpretation of the Quran and Nahj al-Balaqa, reading moloudi, competitions, guiding and welcoming pilgrims, workshops of Razavi conduct and pilgrimage, poetry circles, distributing cultural gifts and content products tailored to these days, awards, etc. are among the programs that are specially designed for this group of pilgrims.

Touching on the themes of the programs, he recounted them as explaining Razavi conduct, Razavi and Islamic lifestyle, the need for unity and solidarity of society against enemies with the participation of pilgrims with different nationalities.

Explaining the Razavi conduct for children and adolescents
Hasheminejad then pointed out that the introduction of the conduct and personality of Hazrat Masoumeh (SA) and Imam Reza (AS) for children and adolescents will have a positive effect on their lifestyle, and for this purpose, special programs have been planned for them separately, the main part of which is holding a puberty celebration for Urdu-speaking girls, coinciding with the birth of Hazrat Masoumeh and the girls’ day.

He stressed that the plans of the Karamat Celebrations should be targeted, saying that various programs will be held in the form of children’s events, such as film screenings, games, workshops and training classes centered on Imam Reza, painting and calligraphy contest on the subject of Imam Reza, Razavi lifestyle workshops, circle of fondness of Quran intended for children and adolescents in Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Azari.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he mentioned the special details of women’s programs and announced that this year, there are separate plans for women, aimed at promoting the conduct and lifestyle of the Infallible Imams (AS) for their happiness and excellence.

“Among other programs are training courses on the subject of Imam Reza and Hazrat Masoumeh, holding several specialized seminars, poetry reading, workshops and lectures for Urdu and Arab women,” he noted.

Furthermore, two special celebrations for Arabic-Urdu speaking pilgrims on July 10–11, have been arranged to be held at Kowsar courtyard and Dar al-Marhama portico, with various detailed programs.

Hasheminejad concluded the programs with visiting AQR museums, visiting the “Hekayat Aftab” exhibition, displaying a documentary on the holy shrine and distributing special and Quranic gifts provided to non-Iranian pilgrims.

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