Pakistani minister appreciates AQR’s performance, services

Pakistani minister appreciates AQR’s performance, services

Pakistan’s minister of religious affairs has expressed his thanks to Astan Quds Razavi for its outstanding performance and rendering special services to Urdu speaking pilgrims during Arba’een and martyrdom anniversary of Imam Reza (AS).

At a meeting with Hojjat Gonabadi-Nejad, director of AQR Cultural Organization on the sidelines of the International Rahmat-ul-lil-Alameen (Mercy in the two worlds) Conference, Noor-ul-Haq Qadri said: “Thanks to the support of Pakistani prime minister and parliament speaker, a special program has been planned for facilitating pilgrimage of Pakistani people in Iran and Iraq”.

Gonabadi-Nejad also emphasized on more cultural and religious cooperation between the two countries. 

Providing Pakistani government official with a report on AQR’s services for Pakistani pilgrims at Mirjaveh border, Gonabadi-Nejad said: “AQR hosted 80,000 Pakistani pilgrims during last days of the lunar month of Safar”. 

Gonabadi-Nejad also thanked Qadri for arranging the event, saying: “Paying attention to the conducts of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and handling various issues of the society using his methods is what governments need today and this has been perfectly covered at the conference”. 

The meeting came to an end by reviewing two sides’ common religious and cultural capacities and also by a comprehensive negotiation on future cooperation on areas related to the Holy Quran, publication of religious books, and library exchanges.  

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