Islamic Research Foundation holds intl. conference on ‘Islamic Revolution, Prelude to Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS)’

Islamic Research Foundation holds intl. conference on ‘Islamic Revolution, Prelude to Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS)’

Concurrent with the 40th anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution, an international conference dubbed “Islamic Revolution, Prelude to Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS)” was held at the Islamic Research Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi (AQR).
The international event, held on the 9th day of the Ten-Day Dawn (celebrations on anniversary of the Islamic Revolution) was organized by AQR Office for Non-Iranian Pilgrims, in cooperation with Khorasan Razavi Headquarters for Enjoining Good and Forbidding Wrong, and the Strategic Assembly for Philosophy of Mahdaviyat (belief in the coming of Imam Mahdi (AS), the twelfth Imam of Shia Muslims). It was attended by scholars and representatives of organizations from Iraq, Syria, India, Nigeria and Pakistan.
Speaking at the conference, Hossein Gholampour the head of the Office for Non-Iranian Pilgrims’ Affairs, pointed to the services rendered by Astan Quds Razavi to non-Iranian pilgrims,saying, “Astan Quds Razavi works in line with promoting the Islamic culture and sciences based on an approach taken from Imam Khomeini’s doctrin, which states “Islamic Revolution is the prelude to the establishment of the global government of Imam Mahdi (AS)”.
Some scholars, he noted, believe that Islamic Revolution of Iran is the “minor reappearance”, and that, Islamic Revolution is the flagbearer of the government of Imam Mahdi (AS). “Every year, Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine hosts around seven million non-Iranian pilgrims. The Office for Non-Iranian Pilgrims’ Affairs plans and presents diversified programs proportionate to various groups of these pilgrims.”
According to the official, AQR cultural programs have thus far played a key role in the growth of the revolution and in accurate transfer of Islamic and Shia ideology at a global level. “The non-Iranian pilgrims of Astan Quds Razavi are the global ambassadors of the Islamic Revolution and bearers of spirituality in the world.”

Fighting against oppression, Imam Khomeini’s most important ideology 

Speaking next, Hoj. Sheikh Suleiman, an international affairs activist from Syria, said: “In the fight against global arrogance, the Islamic Revolution of Iran turned into a role model for the world revolutions. In terms of the dissemination of Islamic philosophy and creation of resistance front, the Islamic Revolution has played a key role.”
Sheikh Surat Vala, an Indian graduate of al-Mustafa International University, also noted that “the fight against oppression was the most important ideology of Imam Khomeini, which helped awaken of the oppressed Muslims across the globe.”
He further noted that before the Islamic Revolution, Iran was under tyranny and suppression, but after that people resorted to their religious assets to denounce all oppressors. 
“Today the world is full of oppression and suppression and people are accustomed to these oppressions. But, if they follow a model like the Islamic Revolution in Iran, they will never keep quiet in view of the oppressions,” Surat Vala concluded.
Astan Quds Razavi is the body in charge of Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine.


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