Muslim scholars’ influence in awakening societies shakes up enemies: AQR vice custodian

Muslim scholars’ influence in awakening societies shakes up enemies: AQR vice custodian

During a meeting with Shia and Sunni Muslim scholars living in England, AQR Vice Custodian, Mustafa Khaksar Qahroudi, referred to the pressure of the enemies on the activities of the Muslim scholars in the Western countries.

“The reason for these sensitivities and pressures is the fear of the enemy over the influence and the righteous words of the Muslim scholars on the hearts and awakening of the people,” he said.

He pointed to the Muslims living in the Western countries having a proper life due to the efforts of the hard-working and courageous religious scholars present in those countries as hosts to the path of faith and guidance; the wise and humble scholars who in the path to serve the people do not separate knowledge, practice, invitation and education. 

“You are migrants who are suffering great hardships in propagating religion and make the people familiar with religious doctrines and consolidating Islamic beliefs and values, and in a way, you are the protectors of the principles of Islam in the Western countries,” he said.

Elsewhere in his speech, he said that AQR built the pilgrim house in Mirjaveh border area and has a special approach to serving annual masses of Pakistani and Afghan pilgrims.

He further added that Pakistani and Afghan brothers, especially after the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, have played a significant role in expanding Islamic teachings, education and culture and an excellent role in the strengthening the resistance front.

Qahroudi then stressed on the Islamic unity and religious brotherhood as a duty for the Muslim community stating that Afghan and Pakistani pilgrims are religious brothers and neighbors of our country, and we all believe that they will have an important and influential role in the realization of the great new Islamic civilization.

At the beginning of the visit, some of the scholars paid a visit to Imam Reza’s shrine, and went over the activities of the Islamic Center of England and the religious activities of Muslims in the country.

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