Differences between religions and ethnicities fade when Mourning for Imam Hussein (AS)

Differences between religions and ethnicities fade when Mourning for Imam Hussein (AS)

Every year, the story of the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) brings a great passion to the world and all Muslims from different colors and ethnicities unite to mourn for him, said Hoj. Hossein Halvaiyan, in a gathering of Afghan pilgrims on the occasion of Tasua Day in the Dar al-Marhama portico of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine.
“Tasua Day is tied to the name of Hazrat Abbas (AS), a figure who is the paragon of loyalty, self-sacrifice and martyrdom- seeking”, he said adding: “He was the one who inherited the sword and courage from Imam Ali (AS) and made the enemy fearful of his courage and endurance.”

According to Halvaiyan, Hazrat Abbas (AS) has recommended Muslims to stand up to arrogance and say no to all enemies of Islam with the doctrine of “there is no God but Allah” if they want to be happy in life.

Touching on the influence of deep understanding of Karbala epic on Imam Mahdi’s (AS) sympathizers, he noted that beatitude does not fit in with the comfort and “if we want to follow Imam Hussein (AS), we need to endure the hardships and put our lives on the line.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the valiance and blood of the martyrs of Fatimid Brigade which has gained honor for Shia, and said that Iranian, Afghan and Pakistani warriors came together in this brigade taking their bravery from Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS).

The ceremony continued with mourners of Imam Hussein (AS) reading Mohtasham Kashani’s famous poem in praise of Imam Hussein (AS) and groups of Afghan mourners performing their special style of mourning for the Imam.

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