Pilgrims’ satisfaction, success criteria in AQR: Custodian

Pilgrims’ satisfaction, success criteria in AQR: Custodian

Astan Quds Razavi’s custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi says making previous vice custodian of the organization Mr. Fatemi Amin free from burden of vice custodianship, new opportunity position provides him with a better focus on economic issues of the organization.  
Hoj. Ahmad Marvi who was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the organizations’ new vice custodian thanked Mr. Fatemi Amin for his services and said, the newly appointed custodian of the organization Mr. Khaksar is a well-known figure and a competent manager who rendered notable services while working as the deputy of the poor relief assistance. 

He went on to say that Astan Quds Razavi’s managers must have two assistants from religious and revolutionary young people so that a new generation of managers in different domains can be nurtured and also youths’ capacities can be enjoyed for better advancement of the affairs. 

Noting that today’s field of war with the enemy is economy, Marvi said, the same spirits and will great martyrs and veterans had during days of holy defense should be represented by the economy managers today. 

If we had not experienced sanctions and economic pressure during last years, Iranian youths’ capabilities would have not come into prosperity due to our reliance on others’ abilities. 

Satisfaction of the Razavi pilgrims was introduced by the custodian as organization’s main asset, further stating that drawing pilgrims’ satisfaction is our main success criteria in different sections of the organization; good marks can be given to the offices only when their performance has attracted satisfaction of pilgrims and as a result that of Hazrat Reza (AS). 

Concluding his remarks, Marvi described continuous inspection and visit of the Razavi shrine’s porticos and courtyards to get familiar with the pilgrims’ problems as a necessity and said, planning for pilgrims can only be done when the manager is in close touch with the pilgrims’ problems on the ground. 

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