Achieving pure life, most important goal of mental health in Islam

Achieving pure life, most important goal of mental health in Islam

Realizing a pure and unsullied life is the most important goal of mental health in Islam.

Stating the above, Hoj. Massoud Azarbaijani, an MA in psychology and consulting, expounded on ways for achieving mental health from the perspective of Islamic psychology in a workshop entitled “Mental Health in Islam”.

The workshop, held at Sheikh Tabarsi auditorium of Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation, was attended by a group of scientific advisers and servant assistants. 

“Today, humans are overindulged in material things and they neglect spiritual matters. Although financial aspect is important for achieving mental health, giving it too much attention disturbs one’s mental peace,” he said.

He referred to three elements for attaining spiritual excellence namely “materialism,” “egoism” and “status” adding that if one gets past material desires, selfishness, social and occupational status, he will have greater mental health.

“The first stage of mental health is the provision of biological needs, the second is the psychological needs, and the third stage is the spiritual need which has received least attention,” he noted.

Effective social relationship, building productive relationships with those around and adapting to difficult environments and living conditions were mental health indicators he outlined.

“A person with mental health copes well with difficult conditions and can relieve himself of the anxiety and depression caused by these problems,” he pointed out.

He added: “If one’s physical, mental, social and spiritual status is at its desirable level, he will achieve the purpose behind mental health in Islam, i.e. to live a pure life.”

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