All Religions Believe in the Savior
In Special Program In Following the Light was Introduced;  

All Religions Believe in the Savior

 A member of the faculty of Islamic Azad University among the distinguished poets of Khorasan Razavi referring to the belief in the savior in different religions, said,  "Belief in the savior who will come to  establish justice acrosss the world is under consensus of all religions and every religion and school of thought says about the savior according to their national and religious culture."
According to Astan News, Majid Taqavi Behbahani in the special program called as  "In Following the Light" held on the eve of Sh'aban and the birth of the savior of mankind, Imam Mahdi (A.S.) in the central bookstore of Beh Nashr Publicartion in Mashhad, said, "The prophets have always tried to actualize the potentials of mankind by means of their constructive instructions but they all failed to reach their mission due to the public incapability. "
Noting that Imam Mahdi (A.S.) will complete the unfinished mission of the earlier prophets, he said, "Religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. are all convinced of the existence of the savior."
According to this university professor, Islam as the final and most perfect religion has stressed on his holiness more than other religions and all Muslims, both Shia and Sunni scholars are  unanimous on the subject that at the end of the world,  Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) will arrive.
"In addition to the numerous verses in which the issue of Mahdism in Islam has been specified, so many and so frequently Shiite abd Sunni traditions have been narrated that no one can deny the advent of the Hazrat Mahdi ( A.S. )", member of the faculty of Islamic Azad University said.
Pointing to the belief of some Sunni scholars maintaining that Imam of the Age will come someday but he has not born yet, he added, "However,  some Sunni gnostics are in full agreement with the Shiite in this issue."
In continuation of  the special program "In Following the Light" poets such as master Muhammad Jawad Ghafurzadeh (Shafaq), Hujjat al-Islam Hussein Sayedi, Gholam Reza Shokuhi, Jawad Bani-Asadi, Mahdi. Yusefpour, Razieh Rajai, etc. recited their poems on the topic advent of Imam Mahdi (A.S.).
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