“The Government Proves Its Efforts to Unravel People’s Problems”
Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi at the Epic of Dey 9th /December 30th in Bushehr,  

“The Government Proves Its Efforts to Unravel People’s Problems”

“The government proves its efforts to unravel people's problems in the field of action” Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi said.
According to Astan News, Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, this morning in the epic of December 30th, in the Musalla of Bushehr arguing that the enemies in the 2009 marked the hope and trust of the people and sought to separate the way of the people from the regime, reminded, “The people are suffering the livelihoods and economic problems which must surely be resolved.”
“All officials, especially the government have to consider themselves responsible for solving these problems and prove in the field of action that their efforts are to solve people's problems” Member of the Expediency Council added.
“The time of election has passed, the authorities should seek to resolve the problems with the national unity, all parts of the country cooperate with the government and the government should have a serious will to address the problems” he said, expressing that bipolarizing the society in this area is not feasible.
“For the country in which the youths were able to neutralize the most complex international seditions in the country and the region, overcoming the economic difficulties is not such a big deal. The important thing is compassion, seriousness and strong will to solve the people's problems” Board member of the Assembly of Experts said.
“Enemies want to make new seditions by riding on the wake of the people's livelihoods and economic demands” Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Raeisi said, “But people are alert and while making their demands would not allow to be abused.”
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