Top advisor slams US covetous hands, greed for Iran and Middle East

Top advisor slams US covetous hands, greed for Iran and Middle East

The United States is yet to go off with Iran and its greed for the Middle East is never-ending, said General Yahya Rahim Safavi, the senior assistant and top advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Speaking in a student gathering in Mashhad on the occasion of Nov. 4, the anniversary of US Embassy takeover, he said: “The takeover of the US Embassy by university students which was dubbed by Imam Khomeini as the ‘Second Revolution’, was the defeat of the American solemnity.”

Referring to Iran’s remarkable progress during four decades after the revolution, he introduced “trends, events and strategies” as three key words that must be thoroughly examined in the context of the US government and the Islamic Revolution of Iran to precisely understand the depth of Iran’s progress in the past 40 years.

“Now, at the regional level and in some parts of the world, a good wave of awakening is underway and many nations no longer tolerate American bullying,” he stated.

General Safavi further pointed to new developments in Lebanon and Iraq as a new American plot, saying the US will be soon humiliated in both countries.

Asserting that the US is on the verge of collapse, the Leader’s top advisor said the Americans made every effort to bring Iran to its knees, which was a failed attempt, and now by divine favor, Iran has become an invincible power.

“The United States is no longer the only global superpower, and the heavy costs of deploying forces in various regions have made them weaker than ever. The Leader of Islamic Revolution, with his sagacity, closely monitors Iran’s progress, Islamic awakening developments and anti-hegemonic movements in the world,” he noted.

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