Goharshad Intl. Award winners announced

Goharshad Intl. Award winners announced

Concurrent with the seventh day of Karamat ten-day celebrations, Goharshad Intl. Award announced its winners.

The award ceremony was held at Quds Hall of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS). This year's awards for foreign competitors went to Robab Zeydi the director of Lucknow Jami'at al-Zahra seminary school, Yasamin Hassanat an activist from Afghanistan, Zaynab Isa wife and mother of six martyrs from Nigeria, and Hala (Rokhsar) Kithi a newly converted Muslim woman and translator of Sahifah Sajjadiyah from Myanmar. The Iranian winners of the award were Shahnaz Abbadani endower and director of Mohaddes Charity Foundation, Seyyedeh A'zam Hosseini author and researcher, Bibi Fatemeh Haqir al-Sadat producer of two knowledge-based products and a nanotechnology activist, and Dr. Nafiseh Saqafi a gynecologist and medical activist.

Addressing the winners, the secretary of Goharshad Intl. Award said: "This festival is held to pay tribute to the elite women in various fields from across the world in the name of Imam Reza (AS) and one of his servants. This is to use vast capacities of Astan Quds Razavi to promote the culture of Quran and the school of thought attributed to the Infallible Household of the Prophet (pbuh). The festival also intends to promote cultural mainstreaming on generosity."

The festival awards 8 elite women each year with outstanding achievement in eight fields in honor of the eighth Imam of Shia Muslims.

Ali Sarvari added: "Lady Goharshad was a generous, pious, endower and prudent personality who loved acquisition of Islamic sciences. In addition to valuable endowments, she had eye-catching achievements in cultural and social fields and also in promoting Islamic civilization."

Goharshad Mosque, a 600-year historical monument by the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS), is an endowment by her. The mosque has hosted many historical developments and many renowned religious scholars have taught theology and Islamic sciences at this place. "All these achievements have been realized at the sincerity and devotion of a lady who loved the Ahl al-Bayt (AS)."

Elsewhere Sarvari highlighted the eight criteria based on which the contenders are judged, saying “Devotion and martyrdom”, “resistance and Islamic awakening”, “education, scientific studies and research”, “art, culture and mass media”, “endowment and charity affairs”, “medical affairs”, and “management and entrepreneurship” are the eight pillars of Goharshad Intl. Award.

He further noted that the Secretariat of Goharshad Intl. Award has plans to boost presence in the virtual world, and initiate interactions with Iranian and foreign organizations and institutions. "To that end we welcome cooperation by the elite women from across the world to enrich the website and to make use of all available capacities to realize Leader's recommendations."

"Future plans of Goharshad Intl. Award is establishing a global network of generous women and launching large-scale publicity and media campaigns," he revealed, adding "To that end, we need development and completion of our databank through contributions by the elite women in Iran and abroad."

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