“A Place for Tranquility” Succeeded to the Final Stage of the First Cardiff International Film Festival

“A Place for Tranquility” Succeeded to the Final Stage of the First Cardiff International Film Festival

The short film “A Place for Tranquility” by Jamil Amel Sadeqi, the artist of the Astan Quds Razavi Art Creations Institute, made it to the final stage of the Cardiff International Film Festival.
According to Astan News, the storyline “A Place for Tranquility”, written and directed by Jamil Sadeqi, and with the theme of Iranian-Islamic lifestyle, made it to the final stage of the International Cardiff Film Festival.
Jamil Amel Sadeqi signed up for the international competition three months ago and after a refereeing phase, his work has been pushed to the final stage and along with other works in the final stage will be launched at the festival for three days.
The closing ceremony of the first festival will take place on October 27-29 in Cardiff, Wales.
The movie of the Mashhadi director has been produced in Persian and with English subtitles as one of the two Iranian productions that entered the final stage of the Cardiff Festival.
The documentary “Jundishapur” directed by Mustafa Salehinejad, a Khuzestani documentary producer, produced at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, is the second work to be featured as the other Iranian film, which has ended up in the closing ceremony of the international festival in Wales.
In the summary, the movie “A Place for Relaxation” happens when an old several-year fear comes back to Abraham and Fatima and leads them to the street. They spend the night in a pickup, until something happens in the middle of the night that changes everything.
The staff of the short film “A Place for Tranquility” include Jamil Sadeqi, writer and director; Ehsan Ghafourian, cameraman; Mohsen Tayyebi, sound recordist; Mohammad Sadegh Dehqanpour, editor; and project conductor, Saeed Wali Zadeh.
“A Place for Tranquility” by Sadeqi, since 2016, has had several successes, including the selected of the 34th International Film Festival of Tehran in 2017, the best director of the national section at the 10th Short Religious Film Festival of Ruyesh, the selected in the 8th Independent Short Film Festival of Iran in Cinema House 2017, the best film in the Imam Reza Second International Student Festival in 2017, and the selected of the 9th National Film Festival of Parvin Etesami in 2017.
It should be reminded that the Cardiff International Film Festival is organized in ten different sections such as short films, long documentaries, short documentaries, video and animation clips and in two sections of English and Welsh language films.
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