Several projects go on stream in AQR agricultural premises

Several projects go on stream in AQR agricultural premises

Several projects are inaugurated in Astan Quds Razavi (AQR) agricultural premises.

Hoj. Raeisi, the general custodian of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) attended the launching ceremonies coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran.

During the ceremonies, the ground was broken for the establishment of a 15 -ha irrigation system in the farmlands of Nemooneh Agro-Industry institution.

Other projects included establishing intelligent and modern irrigation systems on 13 ha of high density Malling orchards, meat processing and packing production line, 40 ha of pressurized drip irrigation system in Chenaran and 107 ha pressurized drip irrigation system of pistachio orchards in Torbat Heidariyeh.

Ali Oraei Zare', the director in charge of Nemooneh agro-industry farm pointed to the commencement of the operations for construction of irrigation system for 15 ha of farmlands, saying: "Each hectare of this sub-surface irrigation system costs 35 million Tomans."

Sub-surface irrigation system reduces water consumption in farmlands by 75 percent, according to Oraei.
"Eliminating evaporation of water is one of the first advantages of this irrigation system,” he said. "At presence, 4,000 ha of the farms and orchards are under modern irrigation systems."

Irrigation of 13 ha of Malling orchards by intelligent systems

The director of the Nemooneh agro-industry farm pointed to irrigation of 13 ha of land by intelligent sub-surface irrigation systems, saying: "Some 13 ha of high density nectarine and peach orchards at this agro-industry complex is irrigated by the most modern systems."

According to the official, there are nine million saplings in both high density and semi-high density orchards of Nemooneh farm. "This agro-industry currently owns 20 ha of high density and 24 ha of semi-high density orchards, and the entire 44 ha is under pressurized irrigation systems.

Nemooneh agro-industry farm produces over 60,000 tons of agricultural products per year. It is the largest producer of products such as tomatoes and corn in eastern Iran.

Meat processing and packing line

The newly established meat processing and packing line is operating in a hall as large as 650 square meters. It also belongs to the Nemooneh agro-industry farm of AQR, which is in charge of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad.

Oraei said this meat processing and packing line will meet all the demands of  Imam Reza (AS) Guesthouse in quite a wholesome way. According to him, a daily 300-500 light livestock is slaughtered and butchered at this unit. "Normally this unit produces 4-4.5 tons of processed and packed meat per day for Imam Reza (AS) Guesthouse." This meat processing and packing production line has cost over three billion Tomans.

40 ha of farmlands under pressurized drip irrigation system
The pressurized drip irrigation system became operational on 40 ha of land in Chenaran, Khorasan Razavi Province, belonging to Chenaran Endowments and Agriculture Organization.

The managing director of the organization put the total credit for implementation of this project at 850 billion Rls. and said it was wholly financed by the agricultural organization.

"Thanks to the recent development plans we could produce 92 tons of sugar beet per hectare and materialize production of over 2,500 tons of this product. In addition to winning the title of the best sugar beet producer in Chenaran, the organization raised 380 million tomans of income.”

107 ha of pistachio orchards under pressurized irrigation system
Some 107 hectares of pistachio orchards this year went under pressurized irrigation system in Torbat Heidariyeh agro-industry complex, said Qannad Tousi, the managing director of this agricultural organization.

According to him, due to the water shortage across the country and the need for preservation of national resources, Astan Quds Razavi has pioneered implementation of pressurized irrigation systems and making huge investments to that end.

The project, Qannad Tousi said, cost over 9 billion and 210 million Rls. for the organization.

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