In the Shade of the Sun caravans to leave Mashhad

In the Shade of the Sun caravans to leave Mashhad

Members of In the Shade of the Sun caravans attend Razavi holy shrine on the eve of Karamat ten-day celebrations before leaving the holy city of Mashhad. 

Participating in a special ceremony in Maqsureh porch of the Goharshad Mosque, the caravan members enjoyed eulogy recitations of Hossein Zoghiyan and Mohammad Golabgir.

Speaking on the sideline of 12th round of In the Shade of the Sun International Festival, Milad Shoeibi, the event’s secretary, said, it is s the second year that all members get together in a ceremony held one day before the Karamat celebrations.

Continuing his remarks, Shoeibi stated, the groups receive their dispatch permission by resorting to Hazrat Reza (AS) with the hope that they can be good messengers for the Imam (AS).

Referring to this year’s dispatch of 76 caravans, he said, Razavi caravans will attend 2000 places all around the world including Iran’s 31 provinces and also seven countries of Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Turkmenistan, and Georgia.

Domestic and foreign dispatches will start from the beginning of the celebrations, Shoeibi added.

Around 23 types of programs are usually held in different places every year; however, they’re sometimes extended to around 50 ones as a result of people’s innovations.

He further said that they succeeded to hold over 11,000 cultural programs last year.

Concluding his remarks, Shoeibi said, the popular and international festival is programmed and conducted by the Youths Institute of Astan Quds Razavi and Razavi Youths Network respectively.

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