Sixty Million Dollars Export from Sarakhs Special Economic Zone In 2016
In Regard to Resistive Economy Policies Was Carried Out,  

Sixty Million Dollars Export from Sarakhs Special Economic Zone In 2016

Director of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone announced the export of manufacturing goods worth sixty million dollars from this region over 2016.
According to Astan News, Dr. Ahmad Sadeghi Golmakani said, “The products include light and heavy hydrocarbons, micronized plaster, different water pumps, wood glue, chocolate and sweets, iron ore etc., weighing about thirty tons.”
“Central Asian countries, including Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, UAE and Afghanistan, are the prime export destination of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone” he stated.
“According to the Supreme Leader’s statements, and emphasizes of the Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, for efficient utilization of country’s resources in line with Resistive Economy policies, preventing raw sales, and establishing transformational industries in various fields, targeted planning to take advantage of domestic capacities and capabilities made way to the agenda, and we particularly strengthened domestic companies and knowledge-based projects. This can, in addition to generate income and employment, be an important step in achieving the Resistive Economy policies objectives” Sadeghi Golmakani said, highlighting the necessity to meet Resistive Economy.
Pointing to the existence of 24 active units in Sarakhs Special Economic Zone he said, “36 units are also under construction in this area.”
“Fortunately, over the past five months, we have had many requests for foreign and domestic investment in Sarakhs Special Economic Zone, and we hope this year, we could get the region to its actual position” Sadeghi Golmakani said.
 “By planning made in the field of transportation, loading and unloading as well creating the necessary infrastructure, particularly railway, we are trying to reach the export rate of the region to one million tons per year” Director of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone said.
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