An Increase of 400 Tons and Significant Growth of Financial Indicators of Razavi Yeast Company in 2016

An Increase of 400 Tons and Significant Growth of Financial Indicators of Razavi Yeast Company in 2016

Head of Razavi Yeast Company announced an increase of about 400 tons of the company’s production and significant improvement of financial indicators during 2016.
According to Astan News, Dr. Ehasan Ajdari said, “The company, over the last year has had a record production since its establishment.”
He mentioned increased efficiency and productivity in expert manpower, as well as improving existing systems in the manufacturing process and fermenters, and utilization of high quality raw materials and molasses of the most important factors in production increase.
“Moreover, we should also highlight the optimization of production line equipment in terms of software and hardware, balance of ingredients, improvement of drying process, increase in the volume of fermentation tanks, which has had remarkable effects on reduction of waste and production enhancement” Ajdari stated.
In response to the question, ‘based on the third strategic program, how have you managed to achieve the objectives in the production field over the past year?’ he said, “The most parts of the program have been realized.”
“Realized indicators in 2016, were more than the anticipated budget and product quality index has reached the optimal number of 1450” Ajdari expressed.
Referring to the activity of more than fifty active agents of the company across the country, he stated, “Sales of fresh and dry yeast in the domestic market, by agents under contract is being done.”
Head of Razavi Yeast Company, announced supplying about 17% of the country’s need of yeast by the company and said, “We intend to increase the figure.”
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