“Islamic Countries Should Be Concerned and United over the Issue of Palestine”
Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Ammar Hakim,  

“Islamic Countries Should Be Concerned and United over the Issue of Palestine”

The Head of Iraqi National Coalition, emphasizing the importance of not forgetting the Palestinian issue, said, “Islamic countries should be concerned and united over the issue of Palestine.”
According to Astan News, Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Ammar Hakim, at the opening ceremony of the 9th Summit of the General Assembly of the Islamic Radio and Television Union, which was held this morning at the Saba building of National Broadcasting, expressing contentment for holding the Summit that strengthens brotherhood spirit and synergy between Islamic countries, said, “Given the conditions in the region and the successive victories of the Iraqi Army in the resistance front, in the vicinity of Imam  Reza (A.S.) Holy Shrine, we ask God to see these events and developments in favor of the Islamic world.”
“The slogan of this summit, “Mashhad al-Reza, the origin of unity and Islamic civilization” and the process of Islamic civilization must always have the essence of genuine Islamic components” he reiterated.
Emphasizing that today the mission of our media is the revival and renewal of Islamic culture and establishment of unity, and not ruthlessness and elimination of Islamic values stated “Islamic media have never sought to create false and non-real issues and causing schism, and this is one of the important priorities of the Islamic media and propagation and we should not be negligent in this regard.”
Head of the National Islamic Coalition, pointing out that today the Islamic countries should emphasize on the Palestine issue, added, “To spread the truth and righteousness we must use the cultural, economic, intellectual and social means not military and political measures.”
“We must use the media in the right direction and the continuation of this process can have fruitful results” Hujjat al-Islam Ammar Hakim expressed.
“Our audience understands us, is sympathetic and with the same beliefs as us, so they need to be bold and courageous in order to avoid the propaganda of the enemy and express their plans with honesty, and stand up to the enemies” he remarked, appraising the convergence and unity of the Islamic nation very important.
“Hajj ritual, is one of the great signs of mobilizing forces within the framework of the Islamic nation, and it is our duty to look for the mobilization of competent forces in order to exercise our objectives with determination, and not to create enemy” the Head of the Iraqi National Coalition stressed.
Ammar Hakim, stating that real Islam has been kidnapped by some hardliners, and it is our duty to revive the true Islam and emancipate it from their clutches, said, “We must confront cultural attacks and we should not let them threaten us, atheistic thoughts have different perils for us; however, it is the duty of the media to show Islam as a religion of peace and to use international means.”
In the end, the Head of the Iraqi National Coalition, stressing that the victory of Mosul is for all Iraqi groups asserted, “Our comprehensive plan is to fight ISIS with determination, and fighting corruption should be put on the agenda and we also need to start the rebuilding of the liberated zones.” 
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